Edge Datacenter deployment with VxRail and Ansible

Organizations are exploiting new use cases that that require infrastructure outside traditional datacenters and public cloud. The industry refers to these locations as “the Edge”. This is, in turn, producing vast amounts of data at these remote locations and in many cases this data needs to processed in real time. This perfect storm is bringing a proliferation of Edge infrastructure as well as new operational challenges.

DellEMC VxRail is a perfect choice for many of these use cases and when used with Ansible it can help to mitigate both day 1 and day 2 operational challenges. This 6 minute video shows an example of how to do this:

The design shown in the video implements the concept of a datacenter template that defines all the applications that need to be installed at that particular Edge site. We can create datacenter templates based on purpose (warehouse, shop, …) or simply on size (big, medium, small).

The VxRail Ansible modules used in this video can be accessed in this GitHub repo:

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